Spend My Super’s charities count 05 Apr

Spend My Super’s charities count

We’ve chosen Spend My Super’s charities carefully so that together they’ll make the biggest possible impact for New Zealand’s children. Superannuants can rest assured that everything they donate will really count.

We’ve done the due diligence on Spend My Super’s charities

Chief executive Sarah Trotman regularly visits and keeps in touch with Spend My Super charities.

“These charities are a constant inspiration to me. Their work is impactful and impressive. It’s a privilege to connect them with generous superannuants. Together, we’re building a new movement of “Kiwis Helping Kiwis”, and I invite all those who can to join us.”

Spend My Super’s charities have a powerful reach

Spend My Super’s charities are spread right across the country. Between them, they work on the areas which will have the greatest impact on reducing inequality and childhood poverty in New Zealand.

KidsCanWomen’s Refuge, Wellington City Mission, Auckland City Mission and the Christchurch Methodist Mission give immediate, critical support to children and young families. This includes giving hungry children food, helping families find safe places to live and providing warm, waterproof clothing.

Code Club Aotearoa, First Foundation, and Teach First Ako Mātātupu are working to make sure no child is disadvantaged in their access to the best education. They teach kids 21 Century and technology skills, help them get into the best courses and ensure they have access to the most passionate expert teachers, even if their family circumstances are tough.

PARS, Pillars and Lifewise Mental Health and Addiction Services are helping children whose families are dealing with hard issues. They make sure children have access to mentors, and personalised support so that they can break free of the negative cycles of previous generations.

CPAG and several of our other charities work at a high level to change policy. They use the latest research and evidence to show where the most impactful changes can be made, and advocate for it to happen.

It’s easy to learn more about Spend My Super’s charities

Visit our Charities page to read more about each of these inspirational groups.

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