Winter Energy Payments can spread warmth where it’s needed most 23 Jun

Winter Energy Payments can spread warmth where it’s needed most

We all love the comfort of a warm house and know the dangers of a cold one: increased chance of asthma, colds, flu and other illnesses.  So, how can the Winter Energy Payment help those who need it most?

Winter Energy Payments are not means-tested

From the start of May, more than a million people around the country have automatically started receiving their Winter Energy Payments. Included are those receiving NZ Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension. The extra payments are to help poorer households keep themselves warm throughout the colder months as energy bills ramp up. The programme is part of the Government’s Family Package.

It’s a wonderful ‘bonus’ for those in need. But not everyone who gets the payment needs it. Some – especially comfortably-off superannuitants – will simply not need an injection of funds over winter to keep their already cosy homes warm.

Winter Energy Payments can still help those in need

Spend My Super Founder Liz Grieve and CEO Sarah Trotman, ONZM have established SMS with just these people in mind.

‘The lifestyles of our superannuitants vary greatly,’ says Sarah. ‘ We have many over 65s who have retired comfortably, provided for their families and have money to spare. They want to help those not so fortunate and Spend My Super provides a ‘one stop shop’ for them to donate to a range of charities easily.’

Liz and Sarah have created a website where people can donate part or all of their Winter Energy Payment to a choice of charities. Each of the charities focuses on alleviating inequality and, specifically, child poverty. They all have a proven track record of making a difference to New Zealanders in need.

At Spend My Super, every dollar goes directly to the charity

And, importantly, Spend My Super takes no ‘cut’ from your donation. Every single dollar goes directly to the charity of your choice. The website acts as a convenient gateway to these charities, all of which have been carefully vetted by Spend My Super. Also, Sarah has formed key relationships with each charity to monitor its effectiveness.

‘Baby boomers sometimes get a bad rap in the media and with the younger generations for being the so-called ‘Me Generation’, says Sarah. ‘But there are many generous older people who genuinely want to give back to their communities and are in a position to do so. Many also value the opportunity to provide a good role model for their children and grandchildren.’

You can donate all or part of your Winter Energy Payment or Superannuation regularly or through a one-off donation.

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